Sunset District

Like the Richmond , the Sunset District began as part of “The Outside Lands,” a vast expanse of sand between The City and the coastline. By the 1930s, a real estate developer had renamed the area “The Sunset,” and you could buy a house there for $5,000. Thousands of working class people from all over the world did, and despite gentrification that has crept in with the fog, many of those immigrant families still remain. So do their shops and restaurants along Irving Street , giving the Sunset a friendly, old-school flavor. And speaking of schools, the neighborhood offers several excellent elementary and high schools as well as the world-class University of California at San Francisco . There's plenty for all those students to do at the San Francisco Zoo, Stern Grove, Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park . Real estate listings in the Sunset feature upscale properties in Golden Gate Heights as well as those original (and still affordable) 1930s homes , including the whimiscal yet well-built “Rousseau” models.